Product Designer
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1iota Field

1iota is the number one destination for fans seeking tickets to today’s hottest television shows, concerts, and screenings. The MTV Music Awards, NFL Drafted Fans, and Jimmy Kimmel Live all leverage this innovative ticketing platform to engage with their audience.

My role

I lead user experience and product design at 1iota, as part of my role I conduct research, user interviews, and focus on design and execution of UX strategy across the family of products. 


Design an application to accompany the 1itoa consumer application for staff to validate E-tickets, track staff, and gain insight into the demographics of the audience. While the scope of this project is much larger, I have only included parts that would not conflict with my nondisclosure agreement.


Each show requires detailed statistics about attendance within ticket classes, the ability to quickly look up ticket holders, scan tickets, make notes, and modify guest details. It was important to design an experience that allowed for rapid scanning of tickets while reducing unnecessary hunting for features.  


The check-in process was simplified to allow for rapid validation of tickets. Each ticket holder can easily be found via search lookup or QR code scan. Guests in a group can quickly be modified and checked in, staff can also add notes for each attendee which can be used to tailor the experience.

Staff Payment

During research, I uncovered that administrators were spending a significant amount of time manually processing staff payments. By incorporating time cards and payment within the application we were able to provide a seamless process for tracking hours and dispersing payments.


This project was incredibly insightful in understanding how to simplify recurring tasks and business processes within the application. We will now track usage and conduct additional interviews and on-site testing to identify new opportunities for user experience enhancements.