Product Designer


OraTunes is an Amazon Alexa connected speaker


OraTunes is an Amazon Alexa connected speaker designed to be used in a single or grouped setup. I was tasked to create a mobile application to accompany the speakers which serve as the primary interface for setting up and controlling the speakers. 



One of the challenges with this project was designing a single application that could seamlessly adapt to single and multi-speaker setups. 

Select Source.png

Changing Source & Output

I used a swipe and tap gestures to allow users to browse and select media sources. In the case of multiple speakers, a user can swipe between speakers and speaker groups.

Select Source

Assigning Channels

When more than one speaker is discovered users can group and assign stereo channels to create surround sound setups. 

Sleep Timer

Smart Sleep Timer & Alarm

I recommended the use of the phone accelerometer to intelligently identify when the user is asleep to turn off the speakers as well as when a user was out of REM sleep to wake them within a time window prior to entering another REM cycle. 

Connected Accounts

The application serves as the interface for connected accounts such as Amazon, Spotify, Pandora, and other streaming services. 


A prototype was created to allow stakeholders to test and validate user experience of the major application functionality.